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culture media

stem cell media

Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found among specialised or differentiated cells in a tissue or organ after birth. They appear to posess a limited ability to produce different cell types and to self-renew, different from embryonic stem cells. Based on current research, adult stem cells may serve as a source for tissue repair, e.g. for regeneration of damaged heart tissue, or for repair of eroded cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition to the already offered products for isolation and characterisation of stem cells, provitro extends its portfolio with new culture media for proliferation and differentiation of stem cells developed and optimised by our academic partners, the Tissue Engineering Laboratories at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Our different new differentiation media are developed to induce:

  • chondrogenesis
  • osteogenesis
  • adipogenesis
hMSC induction medium
200 0901HMSC proliferation medium, basalBasaldownload
201 0901HMSC proliferation mediumFCSdownload
211 0901HMSC proliferation mediumFCS kitdownload
200 0902HMSC chondrogenesis induction medium, basalBasaldownload
213 0902HMSC chondrogenesis induction mediumSerum-free kitdownload
200 0903HMSC osteogenesis induction medium, basalBasaldownload
211 0903HMSC osteogenesis induction mediumFCS kitdownload
200 0904HMSC adipogenesis induction medium, basalBasaldownload
211 0904HMSC adipogenesis induction mediumFCS kitdownload
200 1001Cancer stem cell medium, basalBasaldownload
213 1001Cancer stem cell medium (BIT-100)Serum-free download