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perfusion culture systems

perfusion culture services

To optimise the specific settings of your perfusion culture system, provitro offers their perfusion chambers for rental. This gives the customer the opportunity to adjust the perfusion culture system to the specific experimental conditions. If it is required, we are pleased to customise the perfusion culture system according to the criteria defined by the customer.

Alternatively, provitro offers specialised training courses for techno-scientific staff and thus is prepared to transfer its proprietary experience with regard to perfusion culture systems. It is provided basic theoretical knowledge together with an opportunity to obtain practical skills in maintaining cell and tissue cultures in our perfusion culture systems, PCS3c, TCS2c and FCS1c.

Rental and customised perfusion chambers
903 0101Chamber rental PCS3c14 days
903 0102Chamber rental TCS2c14 days
903 0103Chamber rental FCS1c14 days
903 0201Customised chambers
903 0901Individual training course PCS3c, first person1 day
903 0911Individual training course PCS3c, accompanying person1 day
903 0902Individual training course TCS2c, first person1 day
903 0912Individual training course TCS2c, accompanying person1 day
903 0903Individual training course FCS1c, first person1 day
903 0913Individual training course FCS1c, accompanying person1 day