Primary cell cultures

Each unit (vital = proliferating flask, or cryo = cryopreserved) contains more than 500,000 cells. Each cell strain is performance tested by extensive growth assays and inspection of cell morphology. Provitro guarantees a minimum of 10 population doublings from most normal human cell culture.

Cells test negative for HIV-1 DNA, hepatitis B DNA, hepatitis C DNA, mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Provitro guarantees the homogeneity of each cell type according to celltype-specific test markers. Each unit comes with a certificate specifying the results of quality control for this cell culture.

Culture media

Provitro’s culture media are designed to meeting various needs of our customers. Culture media, therefore, are provided in two different combinations of basal media and supplements:

  • Culture media with one single premix of all supplements attached
  • Culture media with individual vials for each single supplement attached, i.e. as kit version

Another type of media variation concerns the serum type used as supplement:
In the case of human cell types, the culture media may be supplemented either with foetal calf serum (FSC) or human serum of AB blood group (HuS). The whole range of culture media provided by provitro will be found in the chapter »culture media« of this catalogue.