Culture media

Provitro developed their culture media as unit assembly systems which contain supplements specific of each cell type. Therefore, you can get our media as:

  • defined basal media without any growth factors, mitogens or proteins
  • complete culture media with all supplements added before delivery
  • culture media with one single premix of all supplements
  • culture media with individual vials for each single supplement as kit version

To give you the opportunity to work very closely to the in vivo situation, we created a human medium version for all low serum containing media. I.e., in the case of human cell types, the growth media may be supplemented either with foetal calf serum (FSC) or human serum of AB blood group (HuS). The FCS tests negative for mycoplasma, bacterial L-forms and virus contamination. HuS has shown to be free from mycoplasma, Hbs antigen and antibodies to HCV, HIV-1 and HIV-2.