Adult mesenchymal stem cells

Adult stem cells are unfifferentiated cells found among specialised or differentiated cells in a tissue or organ after birth. They appear to be restricted in their capability of producing different cell types and of undergoing self-renewal, as compared to embryonic stem cells. Based on current research, adult stem cells may serve as a source for tissue repair, e.g. for regeneration of damaged heart tissue, or for repair of eroded cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis.

After isolating the cells they were characterised by:

  • Positive markers (e.g.CD105)
  • Negative markers (MAC-1, CD14, CD19, CD34, CD45, HLA-DR)

As additional measure of quality assurance, the stem cell differentiation to desired lineages was tested:

  • chondrogenesis
  • osteogenesis
  • adipogenesis
Mesenchymal stem cells
Offer No Product Description SPECIFICS DETAILS
111 0911 HMSC-BM Human mesenchymal stem cells, bone marrow Vital, 5 × 105cells/flask fileadmin/provitro-data/Cell_Cultures/1110911.HMSC-bm.vital.v.3.0.pdf
121 0911 HMSC-BM Human mesenchymal stem cells, bone marrow Cryo, 5 × 105cells/vial fileadmin/provitro-data/Cell_Cultures/1210911.HMSC-bm.cryo.v.3.0.pdf
Recommended standard culture media/subculturing system
201 0901 HMSC proliferation medium, FCS fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2010901.FCS.v3.0.pdf
203 0902 HMSC chondrogenesis induction medium, serum-free fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2030902.serum-free.v.4.0.pdf
201 0903 HMSC osteogenesis induction medium, FCS fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2010903.FCS.v3.0.pdf
201 0904 HMSC adipogenesis induction medium, FCS fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2010904.FCS.v.3.0.pdf
213 1001 Cancer stem cell medium (BIT-100), serum-free fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2131001.serum-free.v3.0.pdf
204 0002 Passage kit 2 fileadmin/provitro-data/Culture_Media/2040002.Passage_kit_2.v4.0.pdf