Ordering information


Placing of first orders by new customers and confirmation of them by the Company shall be in writing for legal validity. This request for the written form shall equally apply to any amendment or modification or collateral agreement to the Company’s original quotation. Additional orders may be placed by mail, fax, phone or e-mail. Please, bear in mind that all orders will be handled on the basis of our General
Standard Terms and Conditions.

Freight charges

A flat rate of € 21.00 plus € 19.00 for refrigeration, if necessary, will be charged for shipment within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. Real expenses will be charged for any delivery beyond the German border. A mark-up of € 20.00 will be charged for any small-volume purchase worth up to € 150.00.


The following details should be provided together with an order:

  • Customer No.
  • Address for delivery and invoice
  • Offer No(s). of product(s) ordered
  • Number of products ordered
  • Name, phone and fax of contact person in charge of handling delivery
  • A written order following a phone order should carry a note referring to the latter.

Address for orders

provitro AG
Charité Campus Mitte
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49.30.450 578 358
Fax:  +49.30.450 578 952
E-mail: sales@provitro.de


If products have been reserved for delivery, please add to your order Reservation and Batch No(s). of the product(s) reserved.

Special offers, call-forward orders, bonus agreements

Orders placed in response to special offers, call-forward orders and bonus agreements must carry the applicable code numbers to ensure that you will enjoy the conditions agreed in the first place.